I absolutely LOVE this video


Wie manche vielleicht wissen, bin ich ein großer Fan von der Alternative-Band 'Paramore' aus Tennessee. Sie wurde 2002 von den Brüdern Josh (Gitarre, Hintergrundgesag) und Zac Farro (Schlagzeug) gegründet. Hayley Williams, die Sängerin der fünfköpfigen Band, lernte die zwei nach ihrem Umzug von Mississippi nach Tennessee kennen.
Ich hoffe sehr, dass ich mit meiner Freundin S. im Dezember auf ein Konzert der Band gehen kann - cross your fingers! ;)
Hier ein kleiner Vorgeschmack (Album Brand New Eyes):


Brick By Boring Brick

Misguided Ghosts

Wer auch noch an den weiteren Liedern interessiert ist, hier klicken:

inspired by feathers

The two pictures, which follows are made by me. It looks like a real tattoo, but it's just fineliner ;)
Hope you like it!

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmade by A.


hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmade by A.
I love this picture of her!


After school I went to town with my beautiful friend L. :)
We stuff ourselves at Mc Donalds and went with full bellies to the riverside, bathed in the sun and took some pictures!
In the afternoon we chilled for some time at the 'chillout', drank coca cola and talked about girlish themes! ;) It was brilliant! ♥
In the evening I stopped by E. and at 8:30 pm I watched the football match Germany against Ghana with my daddy at home. Germany won! :)
Now I go to bed... Good night, sleep tight!

xoxo A.

crazy gangster painter

Yesterday my friend J. and I paint her room. Did you know what paint we use?...YES... you're right! Most of the girls love this colour... rose ;)
I got an old jeans and an old t-shirt from my dad - and after this 'fight' I looked like a colour-monster :D We had a lot of fun! One day later, although I directly took a shower, I found dried paint on my arm hahaha

xoxo A.

Willa Holland


I'm sad, when I remind that the weekend was so short, and it's already Sunday - the last day I can do what I like. No school, no homework, no tiredness, cause I can sleep as long as i WANT!
On Saturday I slept till 12 o'clock, ate breakfast and went shopping with my mum in the city - I bought two nice bags, white nail polish and a ring!
I want to show you the ring absolutly, cause I love it sooooooo much ;)

"The owl stands for wisdom!"
I can't fall asleep, this is why I'm sitting on my laptop and writing this post! Now it's 02:22 am... Good night, sleep tight ;)
xoxo A.

just me

made by A.

WM 2010

made by A.

Germany & France
But I don't think that France will be win, cause they are really, really bad :D
I just want to rejoice E. by painting the flag on my nail!

all cats are grey by night

ready for holidays!

grrr... I hate Mondays and I hate school - today I feel ill and so tired, cause I slept nothing much at the weekend :/
Moreover I have to do a presentation in physiks about "nuclear power plant" tomorrow, which isn't so interesting!
Hope you had a better day ;)

i'm so damn tired!

I woke up at 7 am, went to the station and drove with S. to the flea market - I didn't find anything except the oreo cookies, which cost just 1 €.
Now I try to keep myself awake with drinking coffee, cause I will go shopping with my mom and my sister in the city :)
Towards evening I'll call E. to ask what we do tonight ;D
Have a nice day, guys!

xoxo A.


Yesterday I brought definitely a 5 kilo sack of sand home, cause my best friend E. and I spent over 5 hours on the water ski lake - ate ice cream and pommes frites, heard some music, swam in the cold water, talked a lot and made some pictures ;) Some of these you can see under this text!
It was a wonderful summery day and I thank you so much, E. ♥
made by A.
The last picture is made by a friend named S., who came towards 8 o'clock and brought us the pommes frites ;) After eating, all of us jumped in the cold water, dived and had fun :)

just like today, i try to find out... that sucks!

Sometimes I look around a room full of people
and try to find out what they’re thinking.
I look at the way their eyebrows are arched,
the look they have in their eyes,
they way they are sitting.
And I try to read they’re mind.
It’s weird though,
the fact that people are taking in their minds,
and we can’t hear them,
and how they could be wondering the same exact thing,
“I wonder what everyone else is thinking?”