Three are better than one

 It's time to spring the sunglasses!


I had a nice morning with E. at the flea market, where we met M. and J., who looked spectacular! ;)
Now J. is coming, we'll make some photos, perhaps go to the riverside and meet other friends - she stays overnight and I'm convinced that it will be very, very good ;)
Have a sunny day ♥


come on, summer!

Welcome wonderful, sunny day, which we have waited for so long! ;)
A looooong weekend is about to happen and I'm rejoicing at that.
Today I probably enjoy the weather with my friends by the riverside :)
I wish you all a nice day!
xoxo A.

one special person

At school we did the german ZAP's and now I'm so glad that I managed this! ;)

This is a post for one special person!
Yesterday I phoned over three hours with her, and she was the only one, who understood me. She makes me feel like be not alone with my problems and I can tell her everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! This conversation means a lot to me, and I want to say 'thank you' :)

summer breeze

Today is the 16th May and I'm sitting on the balcony with my laptop, enjoying the last sunbeams and writting my first post!
I briefly went to my friend J. - we learned a bit for the ZAP's, but most of the time we ate and talked about god and the world ;)
Actually I have to make my homework - and that's really a lot, but I hate that!
I think first I call my best friend E. and ask what she's doing and how was the last party, after I went home - we were at a birthdayparty from a beautiful girl named H. :)

Have a good one! ;)