dearly miss a friend

I will miss you so much, E.
I can't belive that I must be three weeks without you.
I love you
I love you
I love you
These are all Polaroid photos. I edited it with a program, I found in the internet.

mix of inspiration

up and away

I wasted the whole day with doing nothing, just sit around, eat pita with cheese, meat, cucumber and tomatos, watch 'skins' and hear some music. It's only the third day off and I'm already afraid that the vacations are too short!
Yesterday I stayed overnight in the caravan with my best friend E. - it felt like camping, although the caravan stood in the car park near the house. To dance in the rain is such a dream ;)
Unfortunately I haven't any photos, cause we looked very tired after the many hours we swam in the lake :D
I'm so anxious, cause nobody knows what else happend in the holidays! ;)

xoxo A.


made by A.


I spent the day on the lake and in return I got a sunburn in my face!
It was the last time, that my whole class came together, cause a lot change school. We never had the best community in class, anyway it makes me sad to see how the people go their own way - otherwise me too ;)

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There was no school today, so I spent the whole day with L. in the meadow. We lay on the picnic rug, enjoyed the sun and ate strawberries. Tomorrow I'll to go on an excursion with my class. We'll drive with the bikes to a lake, go boating, grill - whatever! ;)

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Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine (1971)


Yesterday a friend named J. celebrated his birthday on a boat which drove over the Rhine. Despite the lateness of the hour, it was definitly over 30 degrees or it feels like this, cause most of the time we danced on deck. At 01:00 am we left the boat and drove to J.'s house, but before we returned, the boys had the crazy idea to go swimming in a swimming bath. That the bath was closed, didn't matter! :D
After the nightly swimm, all returned to J.'s house and tried to sleep, but I think it didn't come off ;)
E. and I took the bus at 06:46 am, brought a bottle of water and two bread rolls at the filling station and went to my house. I slept till 03:00 pm!
Here are some pictures of the last party:

made by A.