summer breeze

Today is the 16th May and I'm sitting on the balcony with my laptop, enjoying the last sunbeams and writting my first post!
I briefly went to my friend J. - we learned a bit for the ZAP's, but most of the time we ate and talked about god and the world ;)
Actually I have to make my homework - and that's really a lot, but I hate that!
I think first I call my best friend E. and ask what she's doing and how was the last party, after I went home - we were at a birthdayparty from a beautiful girl named H. :)

Have a good one! ;)



  1. Sweat heart. I'm very exciting to pursuit your blog and to see how it dilate. i love you A. thanks to be my best Friend. i really love you. kisses E. ♥

  2. aliciaa ♥ mag deinen blog jetzt schon auch wenn er gerade erst in der entstehung ist, hab ihn schon mal im vorraus gefollowed! liebe grüßeee M. ;)